Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My NEW Classroom at Wilson Elementary!!

I've FINALLY got around to posting about my new classroom! It's the second week of school and I am sooo pumped! I LOVE only having  two classes to teach Reading and Writing! It gives me such an awesome opportunity to really get to know each and every student on a personal level.

Let me tell you...honestly...these students in Katy, TX...Wilson Elementary...are AMAZINGLY intellectual! They are excited about learning and have a passion for education in general. I know a lot of teachers post about struggling students and how they are working above and beyond to meet their needs.(I've been there and done that MANY times in the past!) Well, this year, I will posting about, (and asking for suggestions), over the top enrichment. I believe this will be a wonderful year of growth for me as an educator and I am sooo excited!!

Okay..enough rambling! Here are some pictures that I meant to post as I "built" my classroom this year. We LOVE our Book Boxes!!!


Sarah McMurrough

Everything looks amazing! What's in the speech bubbles by your clock? (I'm curious!)

~ Sarah

Write On, Fourth Grade!

Kandi Massey

Are your book boxes milk crates? I have been seeing so many different ideas using milk crates. Super smart!

Kandi M.

BJ Gates

The speech bubbles have exact questions students can use when they are confused, but aren't sure how to ask a question correctly (eliminates the..."I don't get it." statements. I'll take a picture of them tomorrow and post them. Ex: Can you draw me a picture of what I think you're saying? I understand_______, but I'm confused about ______.

BJ Gates

Yes! They are milk crates I purchased at Target when they were on sale. I bought 16 crates at around 3 dollars a crate. They are zipped-tied together. You HAVE to zip-tie them or they won't be sturdy enough. :)

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