Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm moving....again

So, my husband accepted a basketball coaching position in Katy, TX, and I've accepted a 4th grade LA/Reading position at one of their brand new elementary schools: Wilsom Elementary! The Wilson Wolfpacks! Although this  is a very exciting move for us, it is also the 12th move in our marriage, which can be very stressful!

My husband's a coach, so moving is "normal" to us, but it's never easy! My classroom was packed and moved out on the last of day of school (I'm pretty good at getting this done by now!), my garage is full of boxes ready to be filled with whatever is left after the many garage sales we'll be having over the next few weeks, and my family has been notified-not the most fun thing to do!

I think what makes it harder this time, is that I'm leaving a co-teacher who was just as passionate about teaching as I am. Someone who wanted to grow professionally with me and wanted to absorb all techniques and ideas for future use. Someone who believed that there is so much more out there to learn as a teacher than we could ever imagine, and she was ready to take on whatever crazy idea we came up with! I can only hope and pray that I am blessed with another co-teacher like Mrs. Sessums!


Kandi Massey

My daughter has family that lives in Katy. It's a beautiful little town!

Kandi M.

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