Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Class Will Be...

I'm reading the book The Passion Driven Classroom. There are many things I like so far about the book, but the first chapter really caught my attention. "...96% of teachers reported that creativity should be promoted in the classroom. However, when asked which students they actually preferred to teach, teachers chose the students who were most compliant. These studies confirm what we suspect: What we claim to want and what we actually reward in practice are two very different things." (p.5)

"We need students to be adpative, flexible, creative, innovative, leaders, and cross-cultural."(p.6)

I loved this thought so much that I decided to make a poster for our classroom and talk about the kind learning that should be taking place this year as we learn together.


Mrs. Poland

I am going to add this book to my reading list. I am currently reading Teaching with Love & Logic. I am having mixed reactions to this one. Who is the author?

Misty @
Think, Wonder, & Teach

BJ Gates

Angela Maiers and Amy Sandvold

Teaching with Love and Logic is a good book that also has a lot of great management ideas for difficult students, but I pick and choose what I use. I think a combination of many different styles can be effective, which is why I read so many different books!


I love, love, love your poster and what you have done to implement the ideas in our book! You made my day. So glad I ran across your post. Keep up the great passion-driven teaching and learning! ~Amy Sandvold @PrinicpalAmy (twitter)

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