Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Moving out of the classroom is NEVER easy

I'm back!!!! I can't believe I haven't been on here in 2 years. In my last post, I mentioned that I had accepted a new position at a junior high. Wow!  What a crazy professional change I made! Moving out of the classroom proved harder emotionally than I ever expected. I miss my sweet kiddos, classroom and the opportunity for professional development. I guess you can say I went through major withdraws...and still am! 

What I REALLY want is to be a principal, or an assistant, of course, to start off. I miss interacting with students, parents and other teachers. I knew acceptance of testing facilitator was to be a stepping stone, and I do believe it has been, but the road has not been easy! I have a nice little office far way from all the chaos, but I LOVE chaos!! I hardly ever have to interact with kids, but I LOVE kids!  And I rarely have to go to professional development, but I absolutely, (I know it's weird!), LOVE, LOVE, LOVE workshops, conferences and book discussion. It's fuel for my soul! 

So, where do I go from here? I'm in a strange transition time professionally. I'm applying for AP positions while still fulfilling my job as a testing facilitator. I've always believed as a teacher to "teach students to teach themselves".  With that mindset, I continue to make sure I am "fueling my soul". Every time I hear a buzz about a book, I buy it and read evey word, trying to stay in the loop. (Check out my updated book list!). I'm on Twitter and try to stay up with all the latest and greatest articles and technology. I'm constantly watching...observing the admin team, IC's, and anyone else that I can learn from. 

I don't have my own classroom at this time, so for now, I want to share some things I've discovered about the education field from outside the classroom, so stay tune!For now, I want to leave you with this first article that really inspired me to get back on here. I hope you take the time to read it!

A great article I read this morning by George Couros, "5 Reasons to have a Collaborative Blog." If you have the time, and like to blog, read it. 

B J Gates
"Not for School, but for LIFE we learn!"



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